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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Evaluating my GAME Plan (app 5)

In order to learn more about technology, and digital resources, I used the GAME plan method as an authentic approach to help myself achieve greater success learning about technology and achieving my goals. With the GAME plan method, you begin by establishing some goals that you would like to carry out, and then you set those goals into action, monitor your progress, and then evaluate your progress along the way and at the end of your personal GAME plan.

In evaluating my progress in meeting my GAME plan goals, I have been more successful with goal #1 than with goal #2. For goal #1, my goal was to learn and use an application called Voicethread. I had heard a lot about this technology and I was anxious to use it. I was successful in incorporating this technology in an activity recently with my students. What I have learned so far is that by establishing a written GAME plan, it has helped me to focus in on exactly what I needed to do in order to master the application. It also acted as a checklist of sorts, that encouraged me to complete the goal and cross it off my “to do” list.

I have not completed goal #2 yet, but that is not because the goal wasn’t achievable the way it was written, it has more to do with not being able to invest enough time into it, in order to accomplish it. What I have learned from this, is that maybe setting two goals at once is a little too much while school is in session. I should established one goal, achieve that one goal and only create a second goal a little later when the first goal is complete. As far as editing this goal to make it more achievable, a change that I would make is to remove the partnership piece with another school district, and implement a class wiki for just my students this school year, and next year revisit the partnership piece.

With this experience, I have found that I need to do more documenting. For example, I tend to print information and keep it to review later, but later never comes as I seem to never find the time to read the articles. Eventually, what I have printed off usually gets misplaced or lost. What I need to do is record the URL’s of these websites, resources, and other relevant information, preferably by category, either using Microsoft OneNote, a spreadsheet, notepad, or a digital bookmarking program such as Diigo, or Delicious, so that the information can be easily accessed later, but will not create piles of "stuff" around me. This would be a great way to make use of technology and improve upon my organizational skills. Using the GAME plan has helped me to tackle self-directed learning (Cennamo, et. al., 2009) in a much more organized fashion, without getting overwhelmed. This method has also helped me to "ask important questions for myself relevant to the discipline; design and construct investigations and research; collect, analyze, and interpret data; and apply what has been learned" (Cennamo, et. al., 2009, p30) to established goals and problems.


Cennamo, K., Ross, J. & Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology integration for Meaningful Classroom Use: A standards-based approach (Laureate Education custom edition). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.


  1. Marcella,

    I am looking at using Voicethread for my assignment that involves collaboration. How did you use it in your classroom? Also did the students record their voices, type responses, or use video?

    Jenna Enevoldsen

  2. Reply to Jenna,

    I completed a unit in my intro to web design class on Web Accessibilities. I provided students with a website to research information, and then I had them create a powerpoint. The powerpoint was uploaded to Voicethread (to preserve formatiing, it is best to save your files as PDF's prior to uploading to Voicethread it works much better--Voicethread has problems keeping original formatting if you do not save it as a PDF first)

    I made them narrate their voices, I did not give them a choice. I found that the text option was too easy for them, and a little too familiar. I wanted them to try something a little out of their comfort zone.

  3. Marcella,

    I think that a written GAME plan is the way to go! I like to write down my goals so that I can see them and not just think about them in my head.
    I have done Voicethreads with my students before. It was pretty interesting how you could record there voices and then make it into a document on the internet. I do not have a microphone at school, so I had them talk into my cell phone and then transferred it to the website. Pretty interesting if you ask me. Technology amazes me with all that it has. I am on my thirties, I cant wait to see what the future brings!


  4. I appreciate the fact that you are rewriting your second goal. I have been through the same thing, either making my goal too general or too difficult to achieve within a reasonable time period.
    Voicethread has been a pleasure for me to use in Walden assignments. I still have yet to utilize it in my classroom, but I definitely realize its merits. Another similar type of program I have seen in use is Prezi. There's some great information on it here:

  5. Marcella,

    I, too, have had a challenging time trying to achieve two goals at once. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done in day. I admire your attempts, especially your ability to stay positive and find educating and helpful materials for yourself. I have trouble even accomplishing that! I am glad that your voicethreads have gone well and was wondering what age group you have utilized them with. Also, what are your thoughts on attempting to use them with pre-kindergarten students? I am still working on modifying my goal with these students and could use some advice.

  6. Response to Dan,

    Thanks for the additional information on Prezi,I am certainly going to investigate this further...

    Response to Allison,

    I teach 9-12 grade. Pre-kindergarten is really young...however, I did find this link
    check it out....Grade K share thier learning via a voicethread. This can be a place to start. Other than that, I would google "pre kindergarten collaboration appications" and see what you get.